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Checks and Secure Documents

The increasing sophistication of color copiers and inexpensive laser printers and scanners has made forgeries or alterations of checks, gift certificates and other security documents more a growing concern. In a continuing effort to improve our anti-counterfeit technologies, we have expanded our security features to include the most current advances in fraud deterrent techniques. By combining several of these features our customers significantly reduce their risk of fraud and effectively bolster their security compliance.

Capabilities include:

  • Void Pantographs
  • Warning Bands
  • Padlock Icons
  • Microline Printing
  • Simulated Prismatic Printing
  • Custom Artificial Watermarks
  • Security Screen Endorsement Backers
  • Bleed-Through Consecutive and MICR Numbering
  • Security Papers
  • Thermochromatic Inks

Void Pantograph Security

We work continually to ensure that our security features are among the latest and most effective in the industry. As a result, our hidden void pantos are some of the best in the industry. We have developed our own libraries for computer-to-plate processing that is optimized for our presses. The stock patterns in the recommended colors pass ANSI standards and are image qualified on site. We also have the ability to customize them in nearly any way imaginable - unique patterns, custom verbiage, and prismatic effects are all possible as custom options.

Disclaimers - hidden void features can be circumvented by some high-end copiers - Industry standard is not to guarantee that void pantos will work on all copiers.

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