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Solutions / Packaging

Supported Software:
Esko ArtiosCAD
Arden Impact
Kodak Prinergy and Pandora

Supported Equipment:
Kongsberg X20 cad table (66" x 50")
Kongsberg XE10 cad table (43.3" x 31.5")
Brausse 40" sheet die cutter
Bobst Folder Gluer 26" wide straight line
Kluge foil stamper (5)
Window machine
EPSON P9000 (for color accurate mockups)

Virtual Package Proofing
Get a realistic rendering of your folding cartons to confirm your packaging is just the way you want it.
Click here to see an example
(Acrobat Reader 8.0.1 or newer required. You may need to download the file instead of vieweing on your browser)

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