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Wright On-Demand = Personalization Solutions

With our personalization technologies, print service providers can deliver a wide range of applications for end users in a number of different vertical markets. From customized billing transactions, to tailored brochures and newsletters, or targeted direct mail campaigns, personalized print delivers meaningful and relevant information by tapping into existing customer data.

Personalized graphic communication, whether online or print, has been proven to increase response rates, shorten response times, and increase the size and frequency of purchases.

Reach out to target audiences through a variety of media platforms with our cross media solutions. Whether it’s print, Web, e-mail or mobile messaging, you can now deliver relevant and consistent marketing to your audience through the media type they prefer. WrightDIRECT

  • No Servers, No Software, No Development Costs

    Wright's software as a service (SaaS) vendor-hosted model has the ability to quickly launch a web-to-print offering with minimal impact to your in-house resources.

    Say Goodbye to Missed Opportunities

    Provide branded online storefronts for your customers' marketing materials. Expand prospects and increase revenue with a wider product offering that strengthens your business partnerships.

    Infinite Integrations, Ultra-Customized Workflows

    Share the benefits of a software application that seamlessly connects end-users with all of the automated systems they need, including ERP, accounting tools, intranets, digital production workflows and print MIS systems.

    Features, Features, Features

    Sell your services to a wider customer base with a feature-rich offering that provides the full array of functions required. Ranging from complex VDP rules, to customized workflow approvals, to intelligent form displays that provide a rich user experience.

    Help Your Customers Reduce Waste and Go Green

    Deliver a significant boost to your clients' efforts to go green. Be a better partner to your customers by producing only the materials that their end users need, so nothing goes to waste.

Web-to-Print Video Tutorials

Click below to view a video tutorial showing the basic capabilities of Trio Group NW's online web-to-print platform. Be sure to click the "Full Screen" button for best viewing.

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